Thursday, July 25, 2013

 This summer has been packed full of so many great activities!!  Right now the boys are really into dinosaurs (big surprise, eh).  Earlier this summer we went to the zoo to see the dino exhibit and we read several books that had stories about dinosaurs.  So to keep up with their enthusiasm we made 'dino world' at home! I got the idea from this awesome blog.  It has been a great resource for me as I try to keep up with great things to do with the kids.

I found an empty plastic container and filled it with a few inches of water and let my son look around the yard to find things he would want to use.

He loves to make bridges out of anything he can find...

He added some fairly large rocks to the container too. Looking for things to add and placement of those objects occupied his attention for at least an hour or so!  This is great because it held his interest for so long!

This is the exhibit at the zoo that we visited and then triggered this great interest of dinosaurs and their habitat!

This was such a big hit that the boys played here for hours and came back to it each day, adding and taking away from the container as they saw fit!

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