Sunday, August 11, 2013

So meet the new Batman!!  
My son is so into superheroes right now and of course I had to make him a Batman costume for him to play in!!
 For some reason, Batman's costume looked pretty simple to replicate as opposed to the other ones I looked at. 
 So what I did was I took a pattern for a very simple pair of shorts I got from here and modified it and made them into pants.  First I traced the pattern onto paper and drew a curve where the blue underpants (thats what it looks like so thats what I call it) will need to go.  Then I just added the blue fabric where the shorts stopped at his knees.  
 Simple enough...
Then for the top I used the Raglan Tee pattern (it was all I had to use...) from Sewing For Boys. It was pretty straight forward with very little modifications.
For the Batman logo I used felt and did my best drawing work (I'll sew but I cant draw!)

As you can see...  He LOVES it!!!  He wore it for four days straight!  He wouldn't take it off even for his water games themed camp.  I love that about him!!  I love how much he embraces the things that fascinate him and grab his interest!

Thanks for reading and I'll post again soon!!!

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